Things to consider when shopping for a web developer...

There are many things to consider when shopping for a web developer, here is a short list to name a few...

Will they build you a website that functions as well as it looks?

Are they cutting edge, always learning and creating new technologies?

Are they just graphic designers, or do they have an extensive knowledge of how to create websites that really WORK?  Improper site construction may lead to costly fixes later.

Do they offer website and email hosting along with these important elements?

  • Dynamic applications
  • Strong security
  • High speed bandwidth
  • Stability and reliability
  • Website traffic analysis stats at your fingertips
  • Advanced support
  • Unlimited email accounts (i.e., joe@yourcompany.com)

Do they sub-contract?  Most web designers do not have programming skills.  They often sub-contract out any programming that is needed.  This is not a problem if they work with good programmers and if the communication between the designer and the programmer is adequate.  It's almost always better, though, if they have their own in-house programmers.

Do they have the necessary knowledge to effectively market you on the web, such as in-page optimization, social networking, link building and other search engine optimization methods?

Can they design you a website that you can update yourself or are you going to have to call them every time you need a content change?

Do they want to install "off the shelf" software applications on your site for certain functions such as a shopping cart or a photo album?  These things can be turn-offs to your site visitors.

Will they develop your site in a timely fashion?

Will they set you up as Administrative Contact for the domain, if they're going to register your domain name for you?  If not, you may have problems later should you decide to move the site.

You get what you pay for, but sometimes you don't!  Make sure they are honest and can really do what you are paying them to do.

Paragon is a full service design and development firm, directly employing local experts in:  Graphic Design, Web Design, Web & Database Programming, Copywriting, Photography, Print Design, Hosting & Support.  Call today:  970-245-6852.

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