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Fresh and current content is a must for any successful website. Keeping your site up to date, however, can be costly. Consider a small business website that requires updating once every 3 months. Maybe there are some images to replace, some new specials to promote, or some other information on the site to update. It takes your developer a couple of hours to make the changes. After a year of updates you've paid for 8 hours of development time at the industry average of $85/ hour or thereabouts. The costs go way up if monthly, weekly or daily updates are necessary.


Your Website May Be Doing You More Harm Than Good.

I was driving down the business loop a couple of months ago, and I noticed a great billboard. The design was simple: XYZ.com (in huge letters), a slick, short tag line and the company logo. Obviously, the purpose of the billboard was to direct me to their website to learn more. Well, it worked. I got to the office and brought up the website on my computer. Utter disappointment ensued as I attempted to navigate around the horribly designed and outdated website that this company had spent so much money to get me to.


Websites, a Slow Economy and a Leaking Roof?

I work downtown, and often I walk down Main Street to clear my head or get a bite. I have noticed more "For Rent" and "Going Out of Business" signs up lately. No big surprise, we watch the morning news over coffee and see all of the "Economic Crisis" headlines. I read in the paper that another local retailer, among many, was calling it quits today. So what does this mean to you and the other local business owners?


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